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A deck is an ideal solution to expand your living space with a beautiful outdoor gathering area. We are the ideal place to entertain friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors. 

You’ll fall in love with your new deck, which is ideal for entertaining or relaxing alone—and the expert deck builders at Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen can make it a reality with our professional deck installation services!

Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen provides professional custom deck installation as part of our comprehensive list of deck services. 

We use various high-quality materials and have the creativity and expertise to build your dream deck! When you hire Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen to install your deck, 

When you hire Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen for your deck installation project, you’ll get a beautiful addition to your home that looks great and withstands the elements.

Custom Deck Design and Installation Services

Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen can build the perfect deck for you and your family regardless of the design of your home or the size of your yard!

 Our expert team has years of experience working on home exteriors and has built beautiful decks of all shapes and sizes. If you have ideas for how you want your deck to look, we’ll work with you to create it from the ground up.

 If, on the other hand, you are unsure of what type of space will best complement your home, our creative team can provide you with design, material, and other options! 

Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen deck design and installation services will have you enjoying the deck of your dreams with family and friends in no time.

Broad Selection of Deck Materials to Choose!

Baton Rouge Outdoor Kitchen wants to ensure that the deck we build matches the image you have in mind. 

We provide a wide range of materials to choose from and a comprehensive               range of colors, designs, and other options. We will install a deck that is within your budget by offering a diverse selection of materials! 

We work with a variety of high-quality deck materials, including:

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Cedar Redwood
  • Vinyl or PVC
  • Composite or wood fiber with recycled polyethylene

Whatever option you select for your new deck, we always source our materials from the industry’s most dependable manufacturers and suppliers. We ensure that your deck can withstand Mother Nature’s worst by using the best materials available. Furthermore, our expert team never cuts corners when building a sturdy and dependable deck.

What value can a deck bring to your home?

There are numerous excellent reasons to add a deck to your home, ranging from increased living space to increased home value. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Dolan Construction for professional deck installation:

  • Increase the size of your living space: A new deck can do a lot to make your home feel more spacious and allow your family to spread out. Furthermore, a deck is often much less expensive than an addition or renovation, allowing you to expand your home without breaking the bank.
  • Increased property value: A new deck can significantly increase the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Even if you have no intention of selling anytime soon, it is a good long-term investment that will provide you and your family with plenty of value until the time comes to sell.
  • A flexible area: Decks are ideal for hosting family and friend gatherings, such as barbecues and holiday parties. However, you do not need a large group to enjoy your deck! A deck provides you with an outdoor space and is an excellent place to relax and escape from the indoors for a while quietly.
  • Throughout Baton Rouge, we have designed and built thousands of decks. We are dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space and creating a versatile layout that is appealing and functional.

Our Deck Installation Procedure

We consider our client members of our extended community as a family-owned business. Every project is driven by client collaboration, resulting in a customized design tailored to your needs and style.

We offer both wood and composite decking and matching railings and deck hardware to create a customized look. 

Our team works closely with you to understand your vision for your outdoor project so that we can design it to meet and exceed your expectations. Our contractors are all up to date on the most recent technology.

Our deck installation contractors are all up to date on the most recent deck installation practices and techniques, ensuring high-quality artistry. 

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